Dollar Ring Origami App Reviews

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Great !!

But it Would be really cool if you could also explain how to make an Euro Ring PLEASEEE That would be so cool

Best ever get when it is free

I made a 1 dollar ring sold for 5$ at a yard sale so cool best app ever love it get have fun it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

Doller Ring

It works awsome,it is not hard to do!


I will definetly try this once I find my wallet .... so I will give this 5 stars until ...........


This App is FUN :). In fact, the completed rings make wonderful gifts - ESPECIALLY WHEN GIVEN TO GRAND-CHILDREN! Their Photgraphed smiles will last forever. This is a "MUST HAVE App" for parents, grand-parents, and anyone who has frequent contact with children OF ANY AGE. I have many physical disabilities that limit my use of this App; so I asked the developer for help.

Amaze your waitron!

Cool way to leave a tip! Clear & easy instructions! Love it!

Great project!!

Nicely done. The pictures are great.

Pretty Cool!

Works on the first try. Not difficult at all. Imagine the creativity (boredom) to come up with this!

Works perfect

You just need patience and youve made a great little gift to give to your friends and family

Great easy tutorial.

Got this and made a ring for my wife taking a nap next to me while waiting for our flight out of Orlando. Slipped it on her finger and when she woke up had a GIANT smile on her face. The pictures and instructions were clear and the ring I made came out very nicely for my first try. The only problem is figuring out how to get that cash back from my wife :).

Really cool!

Excellent app! Very easy to make. Great step by step instructions, how to pictures are perfect!


Saw that it was free one day and had to download it. Gave five stars because easy instructions, detailed pictures and simple. Even with that said, there is no way personally I would ever pay for an app like this. Although I rarely pay for apps so thats just me. If I can find it on the Internet then I dont pay for the app version So great app, but heres some tips to make it better. When taking pictures of the bill, make sure its completely flattened down. Some folded stick up a little and make the perspective hard to interpret. Maybe scan the bills that way there flat. Add video. Even if its quick, small, bad quality (save app size) would help. To understand Download a few paper planes apps. Little more text. Explain what are common problems. Took me about five tries to really make this look like the ones in the picture. Sit down with someone who has never done it and take notes. Five star app tho. (because its free today only) -Alex Update.....HOW IS THERE NO "START OVER" button?


Does exactly what I expected, how to make a ring out of a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollar bill.


I made a dollar ring in just a few minutes! Great app & for free! Thanks!

Still not satisfied

Instructions were hard to understand and not that Im not talented at crafts because just yesterday I made a homemade necklace that my friend thought I bought at justice and I have duck tape creations.Bottom line ended up making my own instructions!


I thout it wud b cool 2 have a dollar ring. So I tried it out it was soooooo hard!!!! My friend thats really good at origami cudnt even figure it out!!!! No wonder its free!!! I wish I had a dollar ring but I cant!!! Dont buy it inless u been doing hard origami 4 a long time!!! Bcuz if I buy it expecting it will be easy its not so dont bother buying it!!! Thats all I have 2 say about this piece of junk.


This was so easy to do, there sure are some "slow" people in this world. If you cant rad or follow directions or are legally blind this is not for you. Id does require a first grade education so beware. LOL!

Great Visuals!

I dld this not expecting much, origami instructions are often obscure, but when read with a thinking mind abd a careful look at attached photo this was cake! Perhaps not kid friendly but great for an old grandparent like me. Thanks!


Great images!!! Beats all other directions with lame images. Easy to follow.

Good app

I wore the ring to school and everyone was like WHOOAA where did u get that and is that one bill and is that real $ and thats so awesome!!!!

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